6 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze

admin / December 11, 2017

You might find it so familiar with the irritating and itching feeling when you need to or want to sneeze but you just cannot. This can cause frustration especially when you need to relieve your congestion or to clear out your nasal passages. Whether you have already felt that familiar tickling feeling or you just need to clear the wastes, you can sneeze at the time you need.

However, the first thing is that sneezing is a physiological phenomenon. Sneezing helps up to discharge the wastes and foreigners in the respiratory tract. And typically, people only sneeze for maximum three times in a row. Therefore, if your sneezing numbers exceed this, you probably need to see the doctor to keep track of your nose. As a result, you should know how to make yourself sneeze in the proper ways.

Useful Tips to Sneeze

Use Tissue or Feather to Wiggle in front of your Nose

Just take a tissue or a feather or anything that can trigger your tickling feeling in front of your nose to induce a sneeze. To acquire the technique, you can roll a tissue into a point and place the pointed tip forward inside the nostril and wiggle to trigger your sensation. This will help to regulate the trigeminal nerve that later sends a signal to your brain and causes a sneeze.

However, you should be careful when using this method and ensure that you are not putting the tissue far inside the nostril to avoid injuries. It is also recommended that you can hum while doing this to increase the number of sneezing.

Look up to a Bright Light Source

There are cases when ones might sneeze uncontrollably if they are suddenly exposed to very bright light such as sunlight or the light from the bulb. It is a hereditary trait, and it is called photic sneezing. Though not everybody has such an extreme reaction to light, it is claimed that one in four people might sneeze if they are exposed to sunlight or other sources of bright light.

Sometimes, you might also sense a prickling feeling as well. Therefore, you can try to close your eyes and gradually expose yourself to the source of bright light. However, do not look directly into the light sources especially sunlight as it can harm your eyesight very soon.

Sniff Spices

This is considered as one of the most common technique to use when you want to sneeze promptly. The most used spice is the ground pepper thanks to its characteristics. White, green, black pepper contains piperine which can irritate the nose and cause one to sneeze very easily. This can regulate a sneeze by prompting the nerve placed inside the nose’s mucous membrane. Due to the trying of getting rid of this irritant, your nose will sneeze.

However, keep in mind that do not inhale the spice too much otherwise it can cause burning and pain inside your nostril. You can try other sources such as crushed red pepper, coriander and cumin as well.

Tweeze your Eyebrows

In case you have a tweezer in hand, you can try to pluck an eyebrow hair to cause a sneeze because the nerve inside the face can be irritated by this action and then generates a sneeze. Moreover, this action also regulates the nasal nerve, which partially goes across the eyebrows which partly explained for the reaction. You might get it once, or you might need to try a few times to get there.

Pluck a Nose Hair

Even this can cause extreme pain; it still can regulate the trigeminal nerve as well as cause you to sneeze. Since the nose lining is a very sensitive area, even imagining this happen might start to make your nose itch.

Give Roof of your Mouth a Message with Tongue

Use your tongue to give the top of your mouth to massage to impose sneezing as it can trigger the trigeminal nerve placed on the roof your mouth. Press the tongue’s tip on the roof of your mouth and put it back as far as possible. You might have to do some trial – and – error to find you the precise spot that suits you.


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